Specialist in medical and attending repatriations

Repatriation (Latin: re = “back, again”, patria = “homeland”) literally means: returning to one’s homeland.

Broeder de Vries is an established name in the healthcare sector, a name we are proud to bear. In the Netherlands, we are considered the frontrunner with regards to quality in the field of medical repatriation of patients to and from abroad. We carry out repatriations on behalf of Dutch emergency centres, hospitals, the government, international organisations, and private individuals.





Broeder de Vries’s ambulances meet the latest (technical and medical) requirements and can be deployed for (inter)national transport. Repatriations by ambulance can be spread out over one, two, or three days of continuous travel. The price of ambulance repatriation is largely determined by:

  • The number of days travelling (including the return trip)
  • Specialized provisions
  • The care professionals

Both the price per day and per number of kilometres differs per repatriation.

Please feel free to request a non-binding quotation. 





Besides transport by road, Broeder de Vries provides repatriation by scheduled or charter flight. Our experience shows that repatriation by aeroplane often is a suitable alternative for a two to three day repatriation. The health of the patient is of course always the main concern. Because the price of repatriating by aeroplane depends on many different factors, such as ticket prices, we are not able to give a price indication up front. Please feel free to request a non-binding quotation.

Depending on the patient’s medical condition, it may be necessary to repatriate by air ambulance. During the flight, the patient is accompanied by a specialised physician and/or attendants. This includes transport to and from the airport. Our air ambulances are fully equipped in accordance with current IC standards so that the medical team can provide optimal care. Ambulance flights are carried out with specialised partners.

If using a scheduled flight, the patient will travel in economy class, business class, or on a stretcher. In order to provide optimal care in the air, the medical staff is supplied with mobile medical equipment and materials. Each piece of equipment and material is specially designed and certified for use in the air.