Domestic Ambulance Transport

Broeder de Vries employs many enthusiastic attendants and drivers, each of whom is trained to provide a wide range of patient care.

Ambulance Transport as Part of a Repatriation

Besides international ambulance transport, Broeder de Vries’s ambulances are also used for transporting patients from Dutch and foreign airports to hospitals in the Netherlands, and vice versa.

Low and Medium Complex Ambulance Care

A team of attendants and drivers working at Broeder de Vries is trained at the Dutch Academy for Ambulance Care to perform Medium Complex Ambulance Care. This team works with modern ambulances outfitted with electric stretchers and the latest equipment.

Broeder de Vries supports several regional ambulance services with the deployment of both Low and Medium Complex ambulance care. Ambulance transport is provided on the basis of full shifts or individual trips.

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