Broeder de Vries Doktersdienst supports approximately 65 GP surgeries in the Netherlands with thoroughly trained doctor’s drivers and vehicles. Our doctor’s drivers ensure that general practitioners are transported safely, as well as supported during home visits and at the GP surgeries. Doctor’s drivers are an indispensable component of a GP’s emergency care.


Our vehicles are outfitted with secondary striping, emergency vehicle warning systems, and the latest communication equipment. This equipment is essential to safely and, if necessary urgently, transport a GP to a patient. The vehicle is in constant communication with the GP surgery and, where necessary, with the Ambulance Dispatch Centre. Via secure IT applications, the GP can view patient data while in the vehicle and at the patient’s location. The doctor’s drivers ensure this is possible by supporting the necessary hardware and by establishing the secure connections.

In order to provide optimal care during a visit, an extensive assortment of medical materials is present in the vehicle, so that adequate action may be taken quickly in any situation.


Our drivers are trained in driving proficiency, medical assistance, social skills, and first aid. The driving proficiency training courses cover both safe and urgent driving, in accordance with industry guidelines.

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Broeder de Vries Doktersdienst is regularly looking for doctor’s drivers in the Netherlands.

A shift can be extremely varied. You are responsible for safely transporting the GP to the patient, with and without urgency. You are also responsible for ensuring that all preconditions are met for the journey to run smoothly.

You will be taking care of all medical material and medicine, such as the emergency bag, oxygen, and other equipment. During the visit, you will be assisting the doctor and, when requested, performing checks on the patient. You will also be helping with general tasks at the GP surgery.

Do you find yourself interested in the position of doctor’s driver? Then don’t hesitate to send us an open application by clicking on the link below. We will contact you if there is a vacancy at a GP surgery in your area!


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